In order not to lose track due to this many kind of details, here a short definition of the terms used: 

  • An exhibition consists of one or several modules, which are interrelated and who are presenting a common subject. 
  • A module is a spatial unit (piece of furniture), which can contain one or several sub topics (e.g. shelf, showcase), or which has a special function in the exhibition (e.g. an experimentation table). 
  • The modules can be equipped with different elements,(e. g. small text tables, small showcases, audio stations).
  • In the category Layout+Texts you will find a small selection of practical information concerning the design, e. g. hints on how to write exhibition texts and how to arrange the layouts. 

For first orientation, you will find an overview on the available moduleselementes and layouts on this homepage. All detailed construction manuals, tips, tricks, layout templates, planning and shopping lists, CAD data … can be found for download in the grey box on the right side.