This area treats 4 subject units: 

The scope for design concerning the layout of the exhibition is almost endless. Empirically it needs a lot of time to prepare a functional layout (readability etc) which is at the same time appealing for the visitors. The first article contains general tips for the adaption of the layout into the module system. 

Texts in an exhibition will be accepted differently by the visitors, as for instance, while reading a magazine. In order to create an interesting presentation of the texts for your visitors, here some simple information. 

We provide you the layout template of our exhibition as a power point file, so you will have a simple and rapid start. You only have to fill in your contents or you can change it as you want. Additionally it is possible to develop your own model – as you want. 

If your layout is ready, you have to bring it on the self-adhesive foils, but how? The way from the power point file to a PDF to the printer is very simple, but there are also some snares. Please follow this step-by-step manual to obtain wonderful foils.