Goal of this project is to create the possibility to build an own exhibition for everyone interested. For this reason it is expressly desired to distribute and to develop the exhibition. 


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany license.


Here, just three simple rules must be considered (#1 and #2 as defined in the CC-BY-SA): 

  1. Attribution: Please place a visible reference to the EXPOneer project, e. g. with the information field, which can be downloaded below. 
  2. ShareAlike: All changes or additions can only be made with the use of the same license.
  3. Feedback to us: Please let us now, what you make out of EXPOneer! Send us pictures of your exhibition, descriptions of your developed modules and installations. Or of other useful ideas you have in mind. As far as possible, we will present it here, so that a lot more people will benefit from your idea! 

The licensing only refers on the elements developed by us, construction manuals and layouts, not on the furniture (from IKEA) and not on the contents. 


Information field: Download in high resolution here, print size 10 x 10 cm
When designing differently: indicate at least the EXPOneer logo + URL www.exponeer.de)