At the moment in the EXPOneer project the following elements are available for the equipment and supplementation of the modules: 

Element Text table On the text tables you will find place for texts, images and graphics. The design of the surface (33, 5 cm X 33, 5 cm) is up to you.
Element Showcase The illuminated showcase fills in a complete box and present sensitive exhibits. 
Element Open box In an open box it is possible to present non-sensitive exhibits or elements, which should be touched by the visitors. In order to have a similar effect as in the showcases, a light strip had been fixed. 
Element Video player This element takes a tablet-pc and offers the possibility to present films or to integrate interactive games into the exhibition. 

Element Audio station

The element audio station can be used as audio output for the video player or with an optional MP3-Player as a stand-alone audio output. 

Information to the Hand-On-Elements

(Manual not yet available)

In this article, you will find some tips and tricks in order to build up a simple hands-on-demonstration, which can be integrated into the exhibition.
Socle Socles optically lift furniture and exhibits from the ground; so they are obtaining a better aesthetics. Normally, the IKEA Kallax/Expedit shelves used here have no original socle. For this reason, we offer here a universal construction for building socles for shelves and bigger exhibits.