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The science-profile course of the 11th grade at the Eider-Treene-school in Tönning has dealt intensively with nanotechnology this year. In addition to a visit to the nanotechnology student lab "klick!" in the Kieler Forschungswerkstatt, towards the end of the school year the preparation of an exhibition was on the program.

The exhibition is divided into four thematic areas: In the area "What is Nanotechnology?" the fundamentals of the subject are illuminated. A model made of wooden cubes illustrates the enlargement of the surface at a reduction of the material. A brief outline of the history of nanotechnology is complemented with current analytical methods such as atomic force microscopy (AFM), which is presented on the basis of a scale model and real recordings (that originate from the student laboratory visit). The area "Nanotechnology in Everyday Life" shows the many uses of the technology, from cosmetics to textiles and food, to the use in the industry. The lotus effect - of course a must-have in every nano exhibition – has a place in the "Where to Find Nano in Nature? section, along with leaf beetle and morpho butterfly. In a small terrarium in the middle of a shelf, four (plastic) geckos have found their new home and now are watching students eating their lunch. The final section deals with the use of nanotechnology in sports and addresses the opportunities and risks of nanotechnology, which is made accessible to the visitors in the form of an audio station.

After intense preparation the exhibition was set up yesterday. Thanks to a good preparation and a high degree of enthusiasm of the 11-member NaWi course, supported by a friendly carpenter, the exhibition was completed in just 6 hours. Next week, it provides a framework for a thematic focus “Nanotechnology” at the Eider-Treene school, where the exhibition will be complemented by various demonstrations of the students.


Preparing the exhibition: foils are glued; LED light strips soldered and assembled.

Assembly of the exhibition: With good planning, the question "Which board comes to where?" does not exist.

Exhibit details: The wooden cube model shows the increase in surface area, the Geckos in their exhibition terrarium.