As an idea for your own project, we will present you our prototype in detail. You will find further projects with photos and short descriptions in the Blog. We will be happy to obtain your photos and short writings of your EXPOneer-project in order to publish them in the blog – as inspiration for future exhibition builders!



In the Collaborative Research Center SFB677 “Function by Switching” at Kiel University, scientists of different disciplines are cooperating. The SFB bundles more than 150 (young) scientists from natural sciences, material science, of medicine and other areas, which are doing research at molecular switching and machines in the area of nano science. Additionally, we, the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) do research on the didactical support of the SFB 677 since 2011. Our outreach measures have the focus on different addressee groups in the field of schooling and non-schooling formal education (pupils and future teachers), but also at a wider public. The outreach measures are correspondingly made, which are reaching from the development of appropriate learning medias as experiments and new media formats (Apps, Podcast), to their conceptual embedment in education, student laboratories and teacher education up to the conception of exhibitions for public events and informal learning opportunities. From these diverse demands and due to a strongly limited budget, this flexible modular exhibition system based on IKEA Expedit shelves had been born. So now, with the project EXPOneer, we present this idea to a broader public in order to build professional, student curated exhibitions. 


Tied to the SFB677, the first prototype had been developed to the subject “Nano Research in Kiel”. The one side of a 5x5 module (shelf) shows an introduction to the basics of the nanotechnology, the application in products and their risks. The second side of the shelf presents the Collaborative Research Center and shows the characteristics and particularities of nano research in Kiel. 


All tables and compartments of the nano-basics-side. Demonstration of the Lotus effect. 


A „push-button” experiment showing molecular switches, which will be embedded in a nano dimensioned environment by the Collaborative Research Center. The light of UV-LEDs changes the color of a Spiropyran. The research side of the exhibition with a video player for podcasts.