EXPOneer is a simple, cost-efficient and modular exhibition system, which offers the possibility for pupils to curate and build their own small exhibition. 

The basis is the furniture of the Expedit/Kallax-series of IKEA, which is getting to a modern exhibition due to various modules. The concept of the project allows each school to build their own individual exhibition system, thus making it possible to work out several different exhibition subjects. The design of the modules allows easy building with materials form the building center or electronics mail order companies - without any kind of special tools or special knowledge. Additionally all can be constructed within a short time – and this much cheaper than even the transport of a rental exhibition system. 

The development of the units is supported by a long-time experience, from the working experience in a museum, to the didactic intervention up to the construction of furniture. But there is still room for improvement. For this reason we are happy to get feedback, new ideas or possible applications. Please let us know what you make out of EXPOneer – send us pictures from your own exhibition project!

Thanks to the Chemical Industry Fund (FCI) for the financial support of the EXPOneer project!

Lorenz Kampschulte and Stefan Schwarzer.