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9:00 in the morning, Jungmannschule in Eckernförde: 15 pupils are ready to take off in order to realize the exhibition, which had been designed and developed in the last weeks. 

First, it is necessary to look for the correct material: Shelves? Ok. Flake boards? Ok. Self-adhesive folis? Ok. Plexi plates? Ok. LED-Strips, Aluminum bars and cables? Ok. Tablet-pc? Concrete slabs? Tools? Ok. Let’s begin! 


In the break hall, two teams are beginning to build up the shelves, during two other teams are grinding the corners of the flake boards and are cutting wood bricks. Two other teams are building the LED-Strips and they are uploading the films on the three tablet-pc. At 11:30, the first change of shift it is possible to see that the result will be an exhibition. The second shift is covering the 40 flake board panels with the text foils; it is gluing the wooden bricks into each corner of each box, and prepares the Plexiglas plates for the showcase. 


Lunch break? Negative, the teams will go on building, screwing and drilling. On the way to achieve their daily target, the exhibits and the tablet-pc’s are built in, the writing “FAT!” is hung up. There is rarely work for the last shift, only the last subtleties and the cleaning of the room.  16:00 h: ready! The work of 45 pupils in only 7 hours - this is brilliant.