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The big day is arrived: Opening of the exhibition “Pictures of me” at the Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium in Heikendorf! The last workings had been finished; the posters had been printed and are hanging. It can start now!

The opening starts with a short introduction into the project, follows by a video which stood at the beginning as a nucleus for the whole subject: The song “Pictures of You” from The Last Goodnight, presented with different pictures of the human body. The video is followed by a tour through the exhibition. 


In the exhibition, the subject “Pictures of me” is analyzed from different sides. In addition to the classic photography, thermal pictures and different medical imaging techniques are shown and explained. An area concerning aura pictures leads over to philosophic considerations on the subject picture versus effigy. The exhibition shows a large selection of original exhibits, lovingly created models, dioramas and hands-on demonstrations. It is altogether an interactive experience, reaching the goal to obtain a long lasting mental activity concerning the basic question of the exhibition: What is a picture?


One hour after the opening, the first stress test for the exhibition begins: Two 9th grades classes are visiting the exhibition with their teacher in order to engage in more detail with the subject “Pictures of me”. After the introduction, the two classes are pouring in the exhibition. The tension rises. Are the texts comprehensible for the pupils? How stable are the hands-on demonstrations? Are there any questions concerning the topics? Yes. Yes. And yes, but this is good! Baptism of fire passed.