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At the Jungmannschule in Eckernförde, the exhibition “Fat!” had been opened today. It had been developed and realized jointly by the chemistry and art course. Here, the subject fat will be analyzed in different perspectives: 

The subject is treated not only from the chemical basis but also refers to fat in our food and in cosmetic products and as well grease fires and the correct ways to extinguish. Here, not only the application areas of fats are presented, but also possible risks: be it adiposity caused by excessive (or wrong) nutrition or the question of noxious substances in cosmetic products. 


Three videos, made by students themselves, use the extended possibilities of the medium film to bring additional facets into the exhibition. Several interactive demonstrations invite to engage closer with the subject fat, e. g. by determining the own body-mass-index or – the highlight of the exhibition – to wear a green “fat suit” in order to test the feeling to have more kilos on the ribs. 


On the whole it is a really interesting exhibition, which stages the topic fat in a very ostensive way. The response of the local media was accordingly positive (Kieler Nachrichten dated 27.6., Eckernförder Zeitung dated 27.6.). It is possible to visit the exhibition in the break hall of Jungmannschule until the beginning of the summer holidays (11.6).