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At the Jungmannschule in Eckernförde, the exhibition “Fat!” had been opened today. It had been developed and realized jointly by the chemistry and art course. Here, the subject fat will be analyzed in different perspectives: 

9:00 in the morning, Jungmannschule in Eckernförde: 15 pupils are ready to take off in order to realize the exhibition, which had been designed and developed in the last weeks. 

Goal of the EXPOneer project is the development of an exhibition system which can be used unassisted in schools. In order to test the possibilities and the interaction of the different modules resp. elements, we developed an exhibition for the use in a shopping center. 

The big day is arrived: Opening of the exhibition “Pictures of me” at the Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium in Heikendorf! The last workings had been finished; the posters had been printed and are hanging. It can start now!

The Collaborative Research Center “Function by switching” in Kiel was the organizer of this year’s competition “Nano Erleben” (Experience Nano). Today, there was the closing event with the experimental talks of the participants, with laboratory tours and the award show in the Physikzentrum of the Kiel University. Naturally, our small nano exhibition (the prototype) was also part of this event.